Hidden gems of Barbados that you must see

It is no more news that Barbados has turned into one of the most loved and visited tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of tourists make their way to the small yet beautiful island to spend an ideal vacation surrounded by exquisite beaches. There are houses for rent in Barbados available that make the staying easier and convenient. While your stay is sorted, you can enjoy your vacation in the best way.

The small island is certainly the most beautiful amongst others on the Caribbean. With several of palm beaches lined up, the beauty of this small island is far from what you can imagine. The island presents a perfect amalgamation of past and present. Tourism is the main source of income for the entire country and that makes the people most hospitable than most of the nations. Since the island is small, you can explore the sightseeing places by vehicle or on foot. The local dishes are worthy to try. To bring into one line then it can be said that Barbados has everything that one looks for when choosing a place to spend an ideal vacation at. Though a few places have become the famous tourist sightseeing places for their sheer beauty, there breathe a few hidden gems of Barbados that are not many aware of. This is not because these places are inferior in terms of beauty, but they have not just been explored yet.

Hunte’s Garden

Barbados is one of the very few countries that have been able to retain the natural beauty and greenery the best possible way, and many of these are enjoying their glory untouched by humans. This is the reason that a visit to Barbados will include many parks, gardens, and sanctuaries. While most of the places that you may visit have must cross your eyes or ears, there are places that stay hidden and are equally worthy of your appreciation and one of these places is Hunte’s Garden.

Hunte’s Garden is located in a sink-hole valley. Visitors can walk around and explore the twisting pathways covered with branches and flowers and there will be a piano playing in the background to add flavour and interest in your tour to the garden. The wide range of plants attract many wild and pet animals. There are many places where you can take a halt, sit, and appreciate the beauty engulfed in the greenery. After you are done with your visit of exploring flora and fauna, you can sit and enjoy a glass of beer or ginger lemonade while being lost into the beauty of the garden.



The name might interest you, but the visit to this place would have a lasting impact on your senses. Being an island country and surrounded by clay, Barbados enjoys a strong culture of pottery making, and a few places have been entirely devoted to this art. There is one place named “Chalky Mount,” where visitors can go and watch how local people craft and make pottery using the natural material. But the “Earthworks” is the iconic place where one can see the art at its best.

Here, at “Earthworks,” you can see the crafts and souvenirs in different colours like sunshine yellow, sea blue, coral pink and others. You can buy these to gift your family or friends. You can buy plates, sugar pots, mugs, and bespoke tiles. There is also a café where you can enjoy freshly baked cake and other delicacies.

St. Nicolas Abbey

Once the heart of the giant sugar cane plantation along with a small refinery, St. Nicolas Abbey now stays deprived of a huge crowd. The entire establishment follows the Jacobean style architecture. Today, it is amongst one of three such building that follows such style located in the Western Hemisphere. There are beautiful gardens that are well-maintained, rustic ruins, an old windmill, and farm buildings.

The building was constructed back in the middle of the 17th century and it has a few, not appropriate features to be a part of a tropical island like upstairs fireplaces. On reaching, you will be given a tour of the ground floor that features a fine collection of furniture that is made out of cane and mahogany. A few pieces have been there in the house from 1810. The place is important to understand the British influence and lifestyle while they were living and trading in Barbados.

Farley Hill National Park

As we already mentioned earlier that Barbados is amongst a very few places that have been able to retain its natural life and greenery in the best possible way, the parks and gardens are a common sight and point of interest for tourists. However, not all of them are equally famous. One such place is Farley Hill National park which is now a picturesque Hilltop Garden covered amongst the mahogany trees in a forest. It was once the grounds of the rich plantation house, but now has been reduced to the shell of stone walls and have turned out to be an ideal place for a wedding destination. The views from the house to the ocean are simply breathtaking.

These 4 places are amongst the lesser known places in Barbados but they do deserve the fame and appreciation like any other famous tourist spot. The beauty of these places can give complex even to the most famous ones if risen to the popularity.

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